Book Review: 101 Devil Caches

101 Devil Caches, written by EJ Martin and Kurt Milligan, is a fantastic book for new or veteran geocachers alike. It covers all the details for creating a unique, well-camouflaged geocache. As the authors state in their introduction:

“As we found more and more caches, we got the impression people were hiding more ‘cache and dash’ types of geocaches; those that are easy to find on the go. While we like geocaches like that (especially in winter), we love caches that require us to use our wits or shake our fists in frustration.”

And with this book, that is something these two seasoned cachers have accomplished.

In The Beginning

The first six chapters of the book successfully covers all the information you would ever need, and more, to become a geocacher.

The book starts off with an introduction to the authors, reason for the creating of the book and how to use it. From there we jump into the history of Geocaching which has a great run-down on where it started, where it’s going and even some of the growing pains geocaching has experienced since its start in 2000.

In chapter 3, the authors decide to include how GPS technology works. I found this chapter very interesting. I’ve been using a GPSr for almost 7 years now, and never bothered to look into how this amazing piece of technology works. I think we all have a basic understanding of “my little handheld box gets data from satellites in the sky, and determines where I am”, but not much more than that (at least for me).

The next two sections go on to discuss how to join in on the adventure with information about the geocaching community, some specific geocacher profiles, a how to section on finding and hiding caches, and finally, geocaching etiquette.

Time To Shake Those Fists

Chapter 7 is where you will find the real meat, and the true purpose of the book. A hundred and one ways to cruelly trick and deceive your friends, family and fellow cachers!

Everyone will get something out of this very thorough list of geocache containers. Whether you’ve found one cache, or ten thousand, more than likely you will discover a gem amongst this lot.

Each page contains one geocache container, with a detailed description of the cache, and possible uses or locations for it. As well, you get easy to understand, step-by-step instructions on how to create the geocache yourself, and the tools needed. A picture accompanies each page, with great diagrams and any other details required for building the cache. And finally, you will find a short list of possible hints that could be used for that type of container. All-in-all, you get the perfect amount of information, presented in a clear, precise manner.

To give you a taste of some of the ideas you will come across, a few of my favourite ones were the Text Message Cache, Wrong Log Cache, Bag of Pennies Cache, Back to Start Cache and the Bailing Bucket Cache.

Although I have seen a lot of these cache containers in my travels, there were a number that were new to me as well. Either way, it was fun to read every one, and even discover how the previously seen ones were built.

In The End

The last few pages of the book contain 3 appendixes, including common caching terminology, resources and some frequently asked questions to help out those that are new to the sport/hobby of geocaching.


This is definitely a book every cacher should have in their arsenal. There is a ton of great, interesting information in this book, and the list of evil hides is extensive. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, and the only thing that it left me wanting, was more. I can only hope another book will accompany it in the future!

101 Devil Caches
Authored by Ej Martin
Authored with Kurt Milligan
Publication Date: Jan 27 2013
ISBN: 0615752675
Page Count: 148
Binding Type: US Trade Paper
Language: English
Color: Black and White

Check out the book at

Buy it right now

[A huge thanks to Kurt and MadCacher for giving me the opportunity to read and review their book, and give my true and honest options of it!]


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